MMMM Whitepaper



Governance Token: KET (Kimono Entertainment Token)


MESS Supply:
  • MESS is the Game Token in MMMM, which assumes the function of MMMM currency. MESS has an unlimited supply but its burning mechanism will ensure the dynamic balance of circulation.
  • MESS can be obtained by users publishing their works in Solo Mode and Club Mode, which is calculated mainly on the basis of Mic-Doll Attribute and Level, and active behaviors of users in Club will also provide a bonus effect.
  • (Coming soon) Users can purchase MESS directly in the App, and MMMM will ensure that the MESS purchased by users comes from DEX through agencies, rather than being issued directly. The only means of issuing MESS is rewarding Sing & Publish.
    • The price of MESS will be synchronized with the DEX price every day, and this price, after adding Apple/Google and payment service provider's fees, will be the total price that users need to pay.
    • The total amount of MESS purchased by users in the App each day will be purchased 1:1 by MMMM from DEX to ensure that MESS purchases in the App can truly affect the DEX price.
MESS Burning:
  • Wakening, upgrading, and recovering Mic-Doll
  • Accelerating unlocking of Loot Box
  • Upgrading Club NFT
  • In the Live Room of Club, some of the Gift behaviors will destroy MESS as Platform Fee (currently 20%, which will be adjusted based on the balance of the economic system in the future). This will be the main mechanism of MESS Buring in the future.
  • In the future, other MESS-consuming behaviors will be added to the Club, such as getting more chances to Wow, sticking songs, etc. Some of them will also be destroyed as Platform Fee (initially set at 50%, with the other 50% distributed to the Club's Holder, which will be adjusted based on the balance of the economic system in the future)