MMMM Whitepaper


Within a 1-3 year timeframe, we defined 3 major stages: Sing → Club → A Decentralized Music World. The Sing stage has already been built, and now we are building the second stage: Club.

Starting Point: Sing - The Basic Ability to Enjoy Music

MMMM's starting point begins with the most popular form of music entertainment - karaoke. Besides being a popular choice, karaoke is also a low-cost music production method that allows anyone to choose song accompaniments and create wonderful songs using their phones without the need for expensive production equipment.
MMMM is the first complete and effective music application that combines Web3 and karaoke features.
Users can sing karaoke with Mic-Doll NFTs and earn MESS tokens. MESS can be used for Mic-Doll upgrades, wakening, recovery, and other GameFi play, as well as be exchanged for money.
We have already completed this step, including:
  • Released the Genesis Mic-Doll NFT
  • Established an extensive copyright song library
  • Completed high-quality karaoke basic function development
  • Utilized our accumulated AI capabilities to develop AI scoring and anti-cheating systems
  • Established an In-App Marketplace where users can freely trade Mic-Dolls and other props
  • Completed the release of App 1.0 and 3 rounds of user testing, with thousands of users participating in testing and producing many high-quality works, helping us improve the App experience together.

Next Step: Club - Your Own Place to Social & Share

The joy of karaoke naturally needs to be shared with friends. We have designed the Club function to be a place where users can socialize and share with their friends.
Each user can create their own Club, which will be minted as an NFT and truly belong to the user. Club owners can freely set the Club's external appearance, interior decoration, gameplay rules, and interests. Users with similar music tastes and interests can gather together, sing and interact with each other, enjoy singing and receive MESS rewards in the Club.
In the Club, users can open real-time Live Rooms where they can sing, receive appreciation and gifts, and share happiness. Users can also turn their works into NFTs and give them to important people. These NFTs will represent the most natural emotions and meanings in music, and will be preserved forever and gradually reflect their true value.
For Mic-Doll holders, in addition to using Mic-Dolls to sing and earn MESS rewards, they can also contribute Mic-Dolls to Clubs and share them with other users to jointly obtain MESS rewards.
For singing enthusiasts, especially those with no experience in blockchain, they can share other people's Mic-Dolls in Clubs and obtain happiness and rewards through singing without any threshold. This will make MMMM Land truly lively, active, and interesting.
Club will become the most important part of MMMM Land. Through Club, we can truly hand over the ownership of the music world to the users and initiate the process of building this world together.

Future: A Decentralized Music World

MMMM's goal is not only to establish our ideal music world, but also to allow users to enter here without any threshold, so that people who love music and singing from all over the world can feel the charm of this decentralized music world together.
This requires us to gradually improve the experience, especially to bring unique and interesting experiences to users who lack blockchain experience, in order to have the ability to attract these users. The MMMM team will iterate steadily and gradually approach this goal.
Besides continuing to improve social features, we will also work on the following planned core features:
Competition: "The better you sing, the greater the rewards." Decentralized talent show mode can allow outstanding performers to stand out in a fairer way and get more token rewards and influence, while also increasing the collection value of corresponding high-quality record NFTs. Ordinary users can also participate in the competition guessing, support and follow their own MUSE, and gain more fun and rewards.
Multiple Live Room modes: We will gradually support various Live Room gameplay such as choir, duet, PK, and music interactive games, to bring users a rich entertainment experience.
Fan economy: Music entertainment itself has a clear supply and demand relationship. MMMM helps artists and fans establish a supply and demand relationship through competition and social interaction, and provides a variety of supply and demand methods through Web3. Artists can not only establish their own channels and showcase their performances through live shows and receive token rewards, but also establish a fan group and fan level system by selling NFT Passes. In addition, artists can monetize any private content (music, videos, pictures, etc.) and circulate it among fans.
Music NFT trading market: Both original musicians and singers who produce cover content in MMMM can freely trade their music works in the trading market. MMMM will try to create more trading paradigms and pricing logic in the future to establish a reasonable music NFT liquidity.
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