MMMM Whitepaper

First Step and Future

First Step

MMMM originated from Karaoke, a type of music entertainment well received by a large population. In addition to its popularity among the messes, Karaoke is an extremely low-cost music production approach. The genius invention makes way for everyone to pick their favorite backing songs without any costly music production tools to produce great songs and arts.
MMMM is the first music APP that completely and effectively integrates Web3 and Karaoke functions.
Users acquire game token MESS by recruiting their own NFT choir members (Mic-Doll). MESS token can be used to upgrade or summon Mic-Doll, recover its energy or engage in other Game-Fi game plays. Users may also monetize with MESS token. (after project IEO)
Users can share their songs with friends or post them on MMMM community to get likes, attention and tips. The songs can be converted into NFT and gifted to friends on community, which is the basic Social-Fi feature of MMMM.


MMMM team will steadily iterate the product to gradually approach the goal of altering music supply-demand relationship and model.
Contest: "Sing better, earn more". The decentralized contest creates a more level playing field for talents to stand out from the crowd and get more tokens and Influence in return. The contest also increases the collection value of NFT of the quality record. Non-competitors are also welcomed to join the bet, support and follow their MUSE to have more fun and rewards.
Social-Fi: The product inherits and innovates on the current social features of Music APP. Users can freely post their art on MMMM community and interact with other users, and moreover, enjoy the extended features of PK, sing together & duet, music room and music interactive games etc.
Fan economy: Music entertainment itself has clear supply and demand ends. MMMM builds the supply and demand relationship between the artists and fans through its contest system and social features, and Web3 diversifies its patterns and approaches. Artists are not limited to only developing their channels or live streaming to obtain TOKEN tips, they could also sell NFT PASS to establish the architecture of fan club and fan level. In addition, artists are able to assetize any private content (songs, videos, pictures, etc.) and circulate it among the fans.
Music NFT trading market: Both original and cover singers could freely trade their songs on MMMM. Moving on, we will explore more trading patterns and pricing logics to provide better and sound NFT liquidity.