MMMM Whitepaper


The competition will be held between Clubs, where singers nominated by Clubs can purchase entry tickets and submit their works. The centralized judging mechanism, MentorDao, will vote and select winners, who will receive high rewards according to their ranking. Other users can also support their favorite singers with MESS, to make the competition more interesting and share the rewards with the supported singers.
The goal of the competition is to enhance the entertainment value of MMMM Land, and give outstanding singers the opportunity to stand out and earn more income. The competition can endow the NFT works of singers with value, and create competitive relationships between Clubs, allowing singers and Clubs to showcase themselves in front of users.


MentorDAO is an MMMM decentralized autonomous mentor/judging organization that votes and selects content and musicians in MMMM's competition variety shows.
Initially composed of outstanding music producers, music professionals, music critics, and other professionals, new members are constantly introduced through referrals and voting.
MentorDAO represents the core of MMMM's community spirit, and through professional evaluation, selects the most valuable Music NFTs that best embody the community spirit core, working together to build MMMM Land.
MentorDAO shares the community's overall income from Music NFTs
  1. 1.
    Work income, calculated by MESS/KET based on workload
  2. 2.
    Value income, from Music NFT transaction fees