MMMM Whitepaper

Club Mode

In Club, users with similar music tastes and interests can gather together to enjoy singing. Everyone can share Mic-Doll in Club, and earn MESS rewards together through submission, listening, and interaction. Users can also sing and chat in real-time in Live Room.

Club Creation

Club NFT is minted by users, and its owner can start setting up the Club, including basic information, game rules, music themes, and joining methods, after transferring the Club NFT to MMMM App. Once the Club has been set up for the first time, all users can see it in MMMM Land.

Club Roles

The three main user roles in Club are:
  • Club Owner: The holder of the Club NFT and owner of the Club, who can set up and manage the Club. After the development of the Gift feature, Club owners will also receive a portion of the gifts generated in the Club as operating revenue.
  • Mic-Doll Holder: A user who contributes Mic-Doll to the Club. Mic-Doll can be shared among all Club users and generates MESS rewards. Part of the rewards go to the holder, and the rest is shared among active Club members.
  • Singer: An ordinary Club member who can submit, listen, and interact in Club without contributing Mic-Doll. Singers also have the chance to earn MESS rewards.
All users in Club can earn MESS and spend it directly in Club. The main ways to spend MESS are by giving gifts to singers in Live Room, acquiring and upgrading Mic-Doll, and the upcoming pay-to-join feature.

Mic-Doll Sharing

Users can contribute their Mic-Doll to the Club. When Club members submit, listen to, and Wow each other's works, the Mic-Doll in Club generates MESS rewards. The maximum reward can be up to 200% of the MESS generated by using the same Mic-Doll to sing in Solo Mode. These rewards are distributed to Mic-Doll Holders and Singers according to the Club's distribution ratio.
  • Mic-Doll Holder: You can earn rewards based on the active behaviors of Club members (Sing & Publish, Listen, Wow) with the Mic-Doll you contribute. The maximum rewards can be up to 200% of the MESS generated by using the same Mic-Doll to sing in Solo Mode. According to the Club's distribution ratio (current default is 30% and can be changed by the Club Owner), a portion of the MESS will be shared among Club members.
  • Singer: You can earn rewards based on the total Mic-Doll rewards generated in the Club each day. You can check the estimated rewards in Club. If your work is Wowed by others, you can earn more MESS as a reward.
In detail:
The reward calculation is primarily based on the Mic-Doll attributes, and the three most important behaviors in Club are used to increase the rewards:
  • Sing & Publish: Sing a song and publish it in Club.
  • Listen: Listen to others' works in Club. Listening time must be more than 20%.
  • Wow: Express appreciation for others' works in Club. Each Club member has one free Wow opportunity per day in one Club, and can only Wow the works of others.
The settings for Listen and Wow encourage everyone to listen to each other's works and express appreciation, and allow works that are truly appreciated to receive more rewards.

Mic-Doll Set:

Users can contribute a set of Mic-Dolls, one of which is set as the Main Mic-Doll. The remaining Mic-Doll(s) can provide additional Energy and Support Ability for this set. Therefore, a set of Mic-Dolls in Club works similarly to the Mic-Doll held by users in Solo Mode.
The Set Energy provided by Mic-Doll Set is the same as in Solo Mode:
Mic-Doll Counts
Energy Cap
The daily earnings generated by each Energy point are similar to users singing a song in Solo Mode:
MESSPerEnergy=BaseValueWillpowerGrowthValue(GradeFactor+FeverFactor)AbilityFactorRandFactorMESSPerEnergy = BaseValue * Willpower^{GrowthValue} * (GradeFactor + FeverFactor) * AbilityFactor * RandFactor
  • Willpower: The Willpower attribute corresponds to the Main Mic-Doll, with an Ability bonus value.
  • GradeFactor: The base value is fixed as the coefficient corresponding to SS in Solo Mode, and is also affected by the Accuracy attribute of the Main Mic-Doll. The higher the Accuracy, the higher the coefficient, and the maximum value can make GradeFactor reach the coefficient corresponding to SSS. In Club, GradeFactor is no longer affected by AI score.
  • FeverFactor: Fixed as the coefficient of entering the Fever state in Solo Mode.
  • AbilityFactor: The Ability of the Main Mic-Doll in a Mic-Doll Set works for each reward calculation. The Ability of Support Mic-Doll in a Mic-Doll Set works once a day and provide an overall bonus value for the reward calculation.

Basic Earnings of Club:

  • Base %: To receive 100% earnings, the number of published singing records in Club must be at least equal to the number of Club Energy. Otherwise, the total earnings will be reduced in proportion to (number of Sing & Publish / Club Energy). Repeated singing records in submission are not counted.
  • Club Energy is the total Energy provided by all valid Mic-Doll Sets in Club.

Additional Earnings of Club:

ClubExtraMESSDaily=SUM(SetMESS)Extra%ClubExtraMESSDaily=SUM(SetMESS) * Extra\%
  • Extra %: Up to 100% additional earnings, encouraging Club interaction and rewarding the most popular works in Club. The calculation is mainly affected by the Listen and Wow behaviors in Club on the day.
    • When the number of Listen is equal to 1, 2, or 3 times the Club Energy (also calculated in Live Room), the additional earnings will increase by 20%, 40%, or 60% respectively.
    • When the number of Wow is equal to 1 or 2 times the Club Energy, the additional earnings will increase by 20% or 40% respectively.

Distribution of Club Earnings:

  • Settlement is daily.
  • Basic part (ClubBaseMESSDaily):
    • According to the distribution ratio set by the Owner (0% - 100%, default is 30%, can only be set by the Owner), a portion is distributed among Singers who completed Daily Tasks on that day.
    • The rest is distributed to Mic-Doll Holders.
  • Additional part (ClubExtraMESSDaily):
    • According to the distribution ratio set by the Owner (0% - 100%, default is 30%, can only be set by the Owner), a portion is distributed to Singers who received Wows on that day based. Among those Singers, Mess is distributed based on the number of Wows they received and each Singer only calculates the highest-Wowed song.
  • Main Mic-Doll Spirit Recover: The earnings distributed to Mic-Doll Holders will be used first to recover the Spirit lost by the Main Mic-Doll.
  • Loot Box Dropping: Mic-Doll Holders will receive all the dropped Loot Boxes. The probability of Loot Box dropping is the same as in Solo Mode.

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks are set up by the Club Owner. Singers who complete the Daily Tasks can participate in the basic earnings distribution of that day.
Daily Tasks can consist of 1 to n of the following tasks:
  • The number of Sing & Publish in Club must be at least x on that day, mandatory, where x ≥ 1.
  • The number of Listen in Club must be at least x on that day, optional.
  • The number of Wow sent in Club must be at least x on that day, optional.
  • The duration of participation in Live Room in Club must be at least x on that day, optional.
  • The number of songs sung in Live Room in Club must be at least x on that day, optional.

Music Theme

Music Theme is set up by the Club Owner, representing the current preferred music style of the Club, including genre, mood, and singers.
(It is not yet fully determined how Music Theme will work.)

Live Room

Live Room can be held in Club for real-time performances. Live Room is open to all MMMM Land users, not just Club members. Depending on the permission settings of the Live Room, non-Club members also have the opportunity to participate in the performance.
The singing of Club members in Live Room can also be published on Club Stage. Listening in Live Room is also counted as effective listening.
Users can give gifts to their favorite singers in Live Room, which can be purchased with MESS. Most of these MESS will go to the singer, 20% will go to Club Holders, and 10% will be destroyed as a Platform Fee.

Club Level

Clubs also have levels, which will affect the maximum number of members and Live Rooms that can be created. Currently, all Clubs are limited to level 1, but higher levels will be opened soon.