MMMM Whitepaper


To protect user rights and avoid harm to game ecology and users, we have improved and optimized our anti-cheating mechanics. Any modification, cracking, impersonation, or simulation of devices is unwelcome. Offenders will need to bear the account and asset losses for their misbehavior.
We ensure you a clean and fair environment with strong penalties. Our M-anti-cheating (M-ACE) system will deploy and use various methods to detect any disruptive, malicious, cheating, and fraudulent actions.
  • Real-time monitoring of pitch/rhythm/loudness/lyrical accuracy of the singing
    • Each song has its audio data (baseline) to which M-ACE will compare the user’s input in real-time and validate the singing’s authenticity and workload
  • Sensor data from audio or video recording
  • Common face and voice recognition
  • Anomaly recognition based on vocal and tuning principles
  • Cheating detection and handling based on machine learning and big data
M-ACE secures the user’s singing and recording experience and alerts or penalizes when anomalies are detected. Most users will pass the cheating detection after singing and receive rewards, while some, would be asked to take further verification and processing.
We urge users to follow the basic rules and requirements to maintain a friendly and vibrant environment for community members to sing and communicate. The following user behaviors are recommended to maintain a clean profile and improve M-ACE’s scoring of past behaviors
  • Maintain a good credit record, protect your wallet recovery phrase, and account information from theft or fraud
  • Use authentic and natural singing and adjust devices and state of singing based on in-game prompts when needed
  • Take the release of singing content seriously to reduce possible disturbance and misinformation for listeners
  • Actively participate in community events and feedback collection, and communicate with the studio staff when you encounter any issues
System and game also identify certain user behavior as influencing factors of the reward or penalty judgment. The consequences are from improper or potential misbehavior but they are not executed by M-ACE. Understanding the expected outcomes of the following behaviors will help you better engage in the game.
The above settings and descriptions are subject to change with the progress of business development and user engagement. Keep tuned for the most up-to-date information in our app or on the website.