MMMM Whitepaper


The music industry is sinking into a mire.
Skyrocketing production costs, manipulated media discourse, Matthew effect in the art market, cravings for commercialized kitsch, and the muddled licensing system are diminishing the traditional music industry and stifling ingenious music talents.
Music and singing, the natural and freeing art of emotion and communication, are overshadowed by excessive commodification, confined and suffocated.
Only by updating the cost structure on the production end can we realize the transformation to music assetization. The rights and content assetization brought by Web3 make it possible to reshape and optimize production relations.
New relations will be built between musicians/singers and their audience through the low-cost content creation pattern, self-promotion tendency of token economy, and Web3 spirit and technology. (New fan economy) The assetization and financialization of music have also diversified and made transparent the ways for musicians to cash in and sell their royalties.
MMMM’s mission is to return the ownership of music expression and communication to those who love music and singing. There will be a place in MMMM for every gifted musician and singer, where they can feed themselves while leading all music lovers into this brand new feast.
Make Music, Make Mess.
Note: MMMM is currently having its Open Beta, and the whitepaper content is subject to change.
Last modified 2mo ago