MMMM Whitepaper


"Music is Freedom".
Music and singing are natural behaviors for expressing and communicating emotions that belong to every person. It can heal, warm hearts, and also rebel and agitate. Like air, it belongs to everyone.
However, music is increasingly becoming a commercial tool for platforms. Platforms control traffic and use people's love for music to capture the vast majority of revenue. The platform's profit-oriented nature and the business model where the more traffic, the more revenue, has led to the platforms being filled with content that is easy to attract attention but is monotonous and vulgar. This makes our music world boring.
Blockchain technology gives us hope for changing this situation. Using blockchain technology, digital assets, content, and social relationships in the digital world can truly belong to users rather than platforms. Whether to enjoy the pleasure of music or to make a profit from it, it will return to the user's own choice. This makes a truly free music world belonging to users possible.
MMMM's mission is to establish such a music world that truly belongs to users, MMMM Land. Every music lover can establish and operate their own music Club here, express feelings and gain resonance through singing, and enjoy the joy of singing with those who understand you. Everyone can participate in shaping this colorful music world together.
MMMM Land will have the following characteristics:
  • Decentralized assets: Whether it is a club, Mic-Doll, user relationships, or produced works, they will all belong entirely to the user.
  • Decentralized management: Users define rules, interests, preferences, and revenue distribution. All choices are left to the user, and the vast majority of revenue will return to creators and users.
  • Unlimited roles and behaviors: Whether investing, operating as a user, singing, or socializing, everything can happen naturally, and all you need is a love for music.
MMMM Land will look like this:
With users working together with us, we will eventually have a rich and colorful MMMM Land.
Make Music, Make Mess.
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